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VISITING  Bolivia      rombos-flash2rombos-flash2rombos-flash2rombos-flash2rombos-flash2rombos-flash2

And leaving a low carbon footprint...
... a contemporary trekking guide to an authentic country.

Present day Multi Ethnic Bolivia... in this life journey from the heart has been in tune ... with the relentless changes of our dynamic Earth.

Offering quality nature tours in a 'balanced style of travel' through a mix of some of the best open air camping treks while exploring archaeological and paleontological destinations, visiting cloud forests, birdwatching and a rivercruiser flotel tour on the Mamore River, a tributary of the Amazon. Prepare to experience these and the comfort of Bolivia's auspicious cities. Small 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 person group departures.


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