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Nineteen and Fourteen days Bolivia:

A 14 day, involves Santa Cruz and Cochabamba, 2-city, a Hydro-Paleo Tour, highlighted by two attractions; Torotoro, rich in paleo history and amazing geo attraction, recommended for adventurous and nature oriented travelers in the Andean region, and the contrasting Amazonia, where we engage in a 5-day exploratory river cruise aboard "La Reina de Enin" for nighttime cayman viewing, visiting riverine communities, piranha fishing, and horseback riding on the tropical savannahs. In the cities, while in urban Bolivia, we visit museums of native and Andean culture. Imagine the diversity and ecology in Amazonia and Andes!

The three city, and archaeo, paleo, rainforest tours, comprises 19 days (*This option can be combined with hydro Amazonia tour option upon agreement). including the geo attractions of the amazing Torotoro, and spelunking (caving), together with mysterious ruins close to the sub-Andean town of Samaipata, where the pre-Inca ceremonial site of "El Fuerte" lies- there is a complex system of channels, basins, and high-relief sculptures, carved on top of the largest sacred rock in South America. These are combined with camps and treks in Incallajta (the place of the Inca), and in the ancient pre-colonial route in the Torotoro National Park*. All the while uniting city stays in La Paz, Santa Cruz and Cochabamba, and in the beautifully situated interandean valley town of Sorata.. You must take a moment and imagine going through these extremely contrasting geographical regions.

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*An important note is that on our tours while on rural outings and campings to some of the above destinations, our excursions take us to places of broken topography that have steep ascents and descents in many uneven trails, that require excellent physical conditions to enjoy. We will, in other regions, delight our journey, ' dipping' and enjoying the refreshing vigor of an Amazonic river and occasional Andean streams and torrents..